Weekly Winedown – Yalumba 2013 Sangiovese Rose

Although Melbourne weather is notoriously unpredictable, we are finally starting to see a couple of days of sunshine in a row amidst the overcast clouds and apocalyptic storms.

On these rare days that allow me to get my pasty white legs out and wear one of the 50 pairs of knock off Thai Ray Bans that I own, all I want to do is sit out on our recently built deck, with a a bowl of pistachios (my newly found love) and a glass of wine.

Half the fun of drinking wine can be actually choosing the wine itself! We are so spoilt for choice, and I know one day I will fall in love with French wines from Bordeaux or Californian wines from the Napa Valley, but for now, I am so proud and excited to live in a country that produces such top quality delicious wines, that I want to stick to experimenting with Australian wines for a while longer.

So this sunny weekend, I decided to crack open a bottle I have been excited to try for a while – a 2013 Sangiovese Rosé from Yalumba Winery in South Australia.

I have tried quite a few wines from Yalumba, and have yet to find one that I didn’t absolutely love!

This Sangiovese Rosé was a lovely balance of savoury and sweet (which in my opinion, is what a Rosé should be) and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that it is a Sangiovese blend. Sangiovese is one of my favourite varietals of red wine, but on warm spring days you often want to drink something a little lighter than a red.

The Yalumba Sangiovese Rosé fits that description perfectly!

Light and crisp with sweet berry, watermelon and floral undertones, this drop is perfect for anything from summer barbecues and spring racing parties, to sitting out on the deck with a bowl of pistachios.

Plus, Yalumba wines have a very clever section on the label of the bottle that you can tear off so you remember which wines you have tried and love, and make sure you purchase them again!

Well played Yalumba, well played.

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