Yering Farm

Now that I’ve decided to focus a lot more on the Yarra Valley with my wine journey, I was faced with a dilemma – do I go back to the wineries I’ve visited over these last few weekends, or start somewhere new?

To put things in perspective, the Yarra Valley has over 80 wineries, with at least 50 open for cellar door tastings.

Over the last few weeks I think I would have made it to at least 10 of these wineries (but can’t be totally sure as the tastings may have blurred into one by the end of the day), but wasn’t taking any notes or thinking of the visits as an opportunity to write about.
I definitely enjoyed these wineries, but my blurry memory wouldn’t do it justice, so I am going to back track my path, and make my way around the whole Yarra Valley in time.

An obvious place for me to begin was one of my absolute favourite wineries in the Valley – Yering Farm Wines.

My first memory of Yering Farm was at a Shedfest Festival in 2013, sitting around a wooden picnic table in the sunshine with some of my best friends, sharing a home made apple pie from apples grown in the Yering Farm orchard.

I’ve since been back countless times, and Yering Farm never disappoints.

On Sunday, my family and I took the scenic drive in my dad’s Kombi van to St Hubert’s Road. Now when I say family, I usually mean – my husband, my mother and father, my sister and my brother in law, and our 3 family dogs (two Boxers, and a Boxer cross Labrador). My brother in law was working, so my darling little Nan got the call up instead!

YF Nan

I know the great pet debate can divide households and tear apart friendships (wet puppy paws on a friend’s white dress when you’re about to leave the house for a night out – awkward), but any venue that allows you to bring your dogs along gets an automatic big fat tick in my book!

YF Isha

Yering Farm are also happy for you to bring along your own picnic and set up camp on the giant, lush green lawn, surrounded by a huge wall of trees to keep you cool and shaded.

YF Lawn

If you don’t have the time or energy to organise your own picnic, there is also a cheese platter available to purchase.
And this isn’t just your standard “too many crackers, not enough cheese” type of platter, this was an enormous platter that would easily keep you going and soak up a bit of the delicious wine you are pairing it with so you can keep drinking more!

YF Platter

Which brings me to the wines. Oh the wines.

Yering Farm offer three series of their vineyard – Farmyard, Premium and Reserve. Take a look at the full range and price list here.

My picks of the day both come from the Farmyard Series:

2012 Run Rabbit Run Chardonnay
For a very long time I have been an Anti-Chardonnay advocate, spreading the hate and perpetuated stereotype of Chardonnay. But I am slowly starting to come around!
Perhaps it’s because I am usually shocked to find a Chardonnay that I am happy to drink, or maybe my taste is actually changing, but I thought the 2012 Run Rabbit Run Chardonnay was a light, easy drinking glass with more predominant flavours of melon and a crisp finish, which was a welcome change from the thick, buttery flavours I often expect.

2011 Duck Down Under Pinot Noir
I am going to make a very bold call here, and say that this Pinot Noir is at the very top of my list, if not my favourite every day drinking wine of all time.
In my opinion, a Pinot Noir should always be smooth, soft, and delicate, while still keeping a kick of flavour. And with deep plum and a subtly sweet vanilla flavour, the 2011 Duck Down Under Pinot Noir does all that and more.

The best part – Yering Farm currently have a special for the 2011 Duck Down Under Pinot Noir, selling a case for $120.
No, that’s not a typo. $10 a bottle for a delicious Yarra Valley Pinot Noir that usually retails for double that!

It actually took me a little while to decide if I was willing to disclose that information, because if I go back to Yering Farm and they are sold out of this wine I will be absolutely kicking myself! But I have already bought two cases, so couldn’t quite justify buying another just yet.

YF Wines

I’m sure that if you visit Yering Farm you will love it there as much as I do! Just please make sure there is still at least one case of the 2011 Duck Down Under Pinot Noir for me!!

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