2010 Coombe Farm Polo Series – Cabernet Merlot

On a recent visit to Coombe Farm – The Melba Estate, I snapped up an absolute bargain of a case of 2010 Polo Cabernet Merlot for $120. Paired with a deliciously cooked steak (thanks Mr. Wine Is A Verb) and stack of yummy vegetables (you’re welcome Mr. Wine Is A Verb) this wine absolutely shone! I have made my way through a few of the bottles in this case so far, but tonight this bottle absolutely knocked my socks off!

On the Eye: Deep burgundy with burnt orange tapering the edges.
On the Nose: Rich forest berries.
On the Tongue: Tart jam.
In the Mouth: Smooth and velvety with a nice long finish.

Overall: Oh this wine. Smooth and sexy, with just a touch of sweetness. Full of dark forest berry flavours, black currant and plum jam. If this wine was a celebrity, it would be Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I am so glad a still have a few more bottles of this one!

Christina Hendricks
Check out the Coombe Yarra Valley website for more information on this wine and more!

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