What To Do When You Hit a Creative Roadblock..

Ever gone through one of those life slumps where you are stuck in a routine, and just feel creatively blocked up?

Maybe you are lacking inspiration because you feel like you are doing the same thing each day, or maybe you feel flustered by the chaos of life and are struggling to find the time to focus on your creative outlet.

Whatever the reason, you are not alone, it happens to all of us! We go through a creative rut. Inspiration constipation.

But we don’t have to stay stuck! Here are my tips for pulling yourself out of a creative rut (no laxatives required)!

1. Start small.

Go somewhere different for your morning coffee, and give yourself a little bit of time to sit and enjoy it.
Branch out from your old faithful pastels and paint your nails some crazy colour like turquoise or magenta!
Play a song that makes your heart start beating faster with excitement and sing along to it in the shower.
We often underestimate the importance of the little things in life, so change up a few of them and you will soon see the little changes can have a big affect on your attitude!

2. Stop planning and start doing.

We spend so much time planning. Planning weekends, planning trips, planning blog posts.
Sometimes you just need to stop planning and let life happen!
Yes, it can be really fun to make plans and get excited about upcoming events, but there comes a time when too much planning will take the fun out of the actual event. You have to leave some of life up to chance!
That’s often where the best and most random stories come from!

3. Take some time out for yourself.

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking some time out for you. It’s like having a mental recharge.
Turn off the world around you, and spend some guilt-free time doing something that you love.
Whether it be taking your dog for a walk, soaking in a bath and reading a book, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, take some You Time and do whatever it is that makes you happy and brings you back to a balanced state of mind!
How are we supposed to be inspired by the world around us if we don’t stop for a second and take it all in?

4. Have a Techo-Blackout.

This may sound scary to some, as we definitely live in a technology dependant and obsessed age, but as awesome as social media is, sometimes it is important to just turn it all off!
Mr Wine Is A Verb and I will often have “No Phones Allowed Dates”, and we didn’t realise just how lovely that could be!
If you’ve got half of your brain focused on your phone, you’re only giving half of your brain to the situation you are in.
Shut it all down, and let yourself refocus.
Give your eyes a break and show them some natural light instead of a glowing computer screen.
Give your thumbs a break from texting and scrolling!
The world will not end if you do not check Instagram for 24 hours. But if it does, you can live in ignorant bliss for 24 hours longer than the rest of the world, who will have seen and posted a billion Lo-Fi filtered doomsday posts by the time you are back online.

5. Clean your house/room.

De-cluttering your surroundings works wonders for your mind. How can you be expected to let your creative freak flag fly if it is weighed down by the pile of clothes living at the end of your bed?
Organise your outside, and your inside will follow.

6. Have a glass of wine.

No explanation required.

Or you could forget all the things I have said above and just do something crazy, like shave half of your head.

That’s what I did! (Sorry Mum!)

G Hair

How do you break through a Creative Roadblock? Leave you own tips in the comments below!

One thought on “What To Do When You Hit a Creative Roadblock..

  1. I would start with the last suggestion: Wine solves 99.9 percent of all my problems. HA!. In all seriousness, I would add the following; Just write, even if you don’t feel it or don’t like it. I do this from time to time because it gets the creative juices flowing. As a matter of fact, I did this last night. I wasn’t that excited about what I was writing and had to figure out how to make it interesting for both the reader and myself. But just writing and posting something is something and it’s being productive. We aren’t always going to have great content or be pleased with our content. Write for the sake of writing.


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