Bordeaux Has Stolen My Heart


It’s 11pm and the streets of Bordeaux are absolutely buzzing with locals and their dogs, cycling tourists, walking tourists and French waiters smoking in front of their restaurants while serving wine and tapas.

Once known as The Pearl, a quiet, little known area in the South of France, Bordeaux has grown to be known as a city that never sleeps and it’s easy to see why. The city is now one of the most visited areas of France, hugely and obviously due to the artfully produced and deliciously flavourful wine the city is famous for.

Unfortunately, I only have one brief night here, so am not able to visit a winery, but we made the most of walking the streets and soaking in the culture of this beautiful dimly lit town.

I would highly recommend making a stop past the stunning Mist Fountain, where the shimmering reflection of the gorgeous streetside buildings can be seen in the moonlight.
Although don’t make the same mistake we did; once the mist subsides, the fountain fills with water – making it fun to walk the rest of the night with soaked feet!


The streets are bustling well into the night, so the only thing that makes it difficult to find a glass of wine and a platter is the language barrier.
If you know a basic sentence “Parle vue Anglais?” (“Do you speak English?”), you will easily be able to navigate your way through the menu with the help of the gorgeously accented French waiters. We had a bit of trouble ordering a platter at one restaurant, because platter and pizza must be a similar word in French.

After walking the streets for some time admiring the shops and bars, particularly a shop with aged Prosciutto hanging in the window, we stopped at a wine bar to sit back and enjoy a drink.

I ticked an item off my bucket list with a glass of Cotes de Blaye Chateau Vieux Planty 2012, which was smooth with a nice tart blackberry finish, and paired perfectly with people watching.

Bordeaux wine in Bordeaux. Done.

I could definitely get used to this, and would love to come back with more time!!

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