12 Wines of Christmas – Day Two


For Day Two of the 12 Wines of Christmas series, we are jumping to the far end of the red scale, to this delicious 2013 Handpicked Wines Barossa Valley Shiraz.

Handpicked Wines produce some of my favourite wines, largely due to the fact that they currently grow grapes from regions all over Australia such as  Mornington Peninsula, the Barossa Valley, and of course, my favourite Yarra Valley.
Their vineyards have been carefully chosen and are managed with such dedication and eye for detail, ensuring they produce a wine in a true reflection of the region it is grown.

The 2013 Handpicked Wines Shiraz is quite a typical and characteristic example of a Barossa Valley Shiraz, with full bodied flavour and packing a real punch!

On the Eye: Deep, rich burgundy

On the Nose: Earthy, yet fruity – full of berries and spice

In the Mouth: Exactly as you would imagine from the aroma – rich and full of berry flavours, yet earthy and full tannins
This Shiraz would be the perfect accompaniment to a roast lamb dish, adding a flavour punch to a melt in your mouth, perfectly cooked lamb.

Even Lambchop and Crazy Lady know it would be delicious!


Pick up a bottle of this 2013 Handpicked Wines Shiraz for $24.99 on their website, or check for their list of stockists here!

While you are at it, make sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for some Handpicked inspiration!


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