12 Wines of Christmas – Day Four

So anyone who is playing along at home (probably just my Mum) will have noticed that we missed Day Four of the 12 Wines of Christmas series yesterday!

But I guess that just means that we have to do a double up one day!
What a shame, more wine for me. This is the toughest gig going around.
Seriously guys, give me your sympathy.

If you have missed a previous post, check them out here:

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Day Four brings us the 2013 Left Hook Semillon Sav Blanc – a delicious and crisp Margaret River Semillon, perfect for these heat wave days we are currently sweating through.


On the Eye: Pineapple yellow with a faint hint of Granny Smith Green

On the Nose: Citrus notes of lemon and lime, with stone fruit/nectarine

In the Mouth: The aroma translates on point. Sweet lime and green apple, with a fresh, crisp flavour and well balanced acidity.

A fresh Semillon like this one pairs perfectly with fish, and fresh seafood.
Think Summer days with the sun burning down and sitting on the grass eating fish and chips straight from the paper. Perfection.

Maybe this one can be our Boxing Day wine!

I was hoping to include a Semillon in this list so that I could talk about the benefits of drinking a Sem with a lower alcohol percentage (because then you can drink more – win), but this bottle actually sits at 12.5%, much higher than your usual Semillon.
This is due to blending with Sav Blanc, so we will just have to keep hunting for a straight Sem to try out!
Let me know if you have any recommendations!

This bad boy and later vintages are available from the amazing team at Naked Wines. (Your eyes just refocused because you saw the word naked didn’t they?!)

What are Naked Wines you ask?

That is a post for a whole other blog, but if you want more info right now, check out their website!

Or why not follow them on Facebook or Instagram for some Naked Wine inspiration*.

*There is no nudity involved. Stop being a creep.



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