12 Wines of Christmas – Day Six, Seven & Eight

Today we are hitting you with a triple feature, all from the stunning Coombe Yarra Valley! With 3 different wines for 3 different stages of Christmas, this feature has something for everyone!

2014 Sparkling Pinot Noir ($30)


On the Eye: Beautiful pale salmon pink

On the Nose: Sweet and fruity

In the Mouth: Soft and fresh, subtle cherry flavours with fine bubbles and a soft creamy mousse on top.

These fine fresh bubbles would be the perfect wine to start your Christmas day, not because it would pair well with Coco Pops (because it wouldn’t – I don’t think there is a wine out there that would), but because it will very easily stand alone. Imagine, sitting around opening presents with your family and a glass of bubbles. This is the one.


2011 Arneis ($25 – only available at the Cellar Door)


On the Eye: Baby yellow

On the Nose: Toffee apple and pear

In the Mouth: The aromas of this wine really translates into the flavour. It is quite delicate, with interesting savoury almond undertones.

The freshness of the 2011 Arneis is the perfect wine to cut through the salty and fatty (yet completely delicious) pork crackling that everyone always fights over. It’s the perfect combo – eat more crackling, drink more Arneis.


2013 Merlot ($30)


On the Eye: Deep, burnt red with an orange tinge

On the Nose: Tomato with a hint of spice, and red berries

In the Mouth: Strong flavour, and a fine tannin structure. Deep and rich berries, with a lasting finish.

In general, Merlot is such a versatile grape and pairs well with so many foods. Perhaps not typical Christmas dishes, but Merlot is a great accompaniment to meatballs, pasta, burgers, chorizo and barbeque sausages, and short ribs. This Merlot will be the perfect Boxing Day wine to enjoy with your post Christmas barbeque to help ease you out of your food coma.

Besides the delicious wines, Coombe Farm offers a rich history entwined with the life of Dame Nellie Melba. With two stunning locations, you are able to experience the class and sophistication of the Melba Estate, or relax with a picnic at the rustic Coombe Farm Cellar Door.

Melba Estate
673 – 675 Maroondah Highway
Coldstream VIC 3770

Coombe Farm
11 St Huberts Road
Coldstream VIC 3770

To read more about the fascinating story behind Coombe Yarra Valley or to pick up some amazing wines, check out the Coombe website.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with their wines, news and events!

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