Wine Is A Verb

Yarra Valley Wine Writer

About Me

Hi, I’m Grace, a wine enthusiast, born and raised in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

I love to wine (yes, wine is a not just a noun, it’s also a verb), and I love to write, making a wine copywriting service the obvious life path for me.

Being lucky enough to live in the beautiful Yarra Valley has fuelled my love of amazing wine, produce, venues and events.

By day you will find me searching for new places to explore, eat and play with my best mate (my cheeky little son), and by night my glass is full of a delicious Pinot, or Sangiovese, or Merlot, or Shiraz, or Cab Sav, or Durif, or Rosé.. (I think you get the picture – I drink a lot of wine).

Wine fascinates me. It brings people together for a shared experience and starts conversations and adventures. It is the art you can consume.

Plus, words are awesome.